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After styling
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NeuralStyler Ultra

Turn Your Videos/Photos/GIF into Art

NeuralStyler Artificial Intelligence converts your videos into art works by using styles of famous artists: Van Gogh,Wassily Kandinsky,Georges Seurat etc

Now supports CPU/GPU processing(Recent NVIDIA CUDA capable GPU)

Offer price : 100 USD

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Offline processing

No need to upload image/video for processing

Any style image

Select any painting and transfer style, no need to train neural network

Fast style transfer

Latest cutting-edge fast style transfer technology(Now supports GPU processing)

Media types

Supports image,video or GIF files styling

Style strength

Control style strength

Video trimmer

Trim and style a section of the video

Image/Video resolution

Supports different resolutions(upto 4K),option to keep aspect ratio, option to disable scaling

Keep original color

Option to keep the original colors of the image/video

Remove watermark

You can remove watermark from styled images/videos in the paid version

NeuralStyler Ultra


"I'm making a music video and it looks stunning thanks to your software"

- Matej Tkáč

"As I am not an expert in any code, neural styler was an epic discovery for me. TNX"

- Milan Latkovic

"Compliments for your NeuralStyler. I'm a digital artist and I found your program very interesting"

- Mauro D'Andrea